Paranormal Documentaries

Paranormal documentaries don’t necesserily have to be UFO documentaries. There are many paranormal happenings around us.

    UFO Archivist Predicts 2012 Landing in 2006

    I found this interview by Project Camelot quite interesting. In 2006, Mr.X (wants to be anonymous) revealed that there would be a mass landing in 2012.

    UFO Archivist Interview 2006 2012

    Best UFO Documentary in 2010 / 2011: The Day Before Disclosure

    The following documentary is the best UFO documentary that I’ve seen in 2010 and it sets a new milestone for 2011. The Day Before Disclosure not only gives us hard evidence, but also credible testimonials from high-ranking military officers.

    The Day Before Disclosure UFO Documentary

    Historic UFO Documentary

    The following documentary is a really great historic summary of UFO’s. It goes back as far as the world war 2 and reflects on secret black operations by the military.

    Historic UFO Documentary

    Out of the Blue UFO Documentary

    The following UFO documentary “Out of the Blue” is summary of the hard evidence that we have about UFO’s.

    Out of the blue UFO documentary